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Emergency Services

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can happen for a number of reasons including:

Grinding or clenching teeth

Hard food or candies

Biting or chewing on a pen or pencil


Sometimes the crack results in pain with chewing and sometimes you don’t know it’s there until we catch it on a routine exam. When the cracked tooth is causing you pain, it’s important to come in for an exam right away so we can determine how deep the crack may extend and recommend treatment to prevent it from causing your tooth to break.


Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is debilitating and can be caused by many different sources. You could have an infection, abscess, crack, or nerve pain in a tooth. These could be caused by deep cavities or recent or past trauma to the mouth.  A child could also be having pain with eruption of adult teeth or wisdom teeth. An exam is very important for us to determine the source of the pain and recommend a way to treat it to get you comfortable as soon as possible.


Locked Jaw

The jaw joints (TMJ) can become locked open so that you’re unable to close your mouth. We have ways to treat this open lock to relieve your pain. When the jaw becomes locked closed such that you can’t open your mouth very wide, that also requires a trip to the dentist for further recommendations. 


Broken Teeth

When a piece of your tooth breaks off or a filling falls out, it often feels like there isn’t much left and it’s an annoying food trap. It causes the tooth to be very sensitive and often it is sharp to your tongue. An emergency visit with us can stabilize your immediate needs (for the sensitivity and sharpness) while also planning what to do about the tooth to get you back to full function.


Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be so bad that you are unable to eat or drink properly. It’s important to come in for an emergency exam especially if the sores have been present for more than a few weeks so we can evaluate them for possible oral cancer or other systemic disorders as well as prescribe something to make you comfortable enough to stay hydrated and nourished.



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